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Saaz is a very traditional aroma hop that has been grown in the Czech Republic for centuries. It is classified as one of the four true Noble varieties. Alpha acids are low (around 3 to 4.5% AAU) and its primary use is for its distinct mild spice aroma and mild flavor. The saaz aroma can be described best as spicy, clean, classic and noble (a term that you just have to taste to understand, really.) Saaz hops are the defining element for the classic Pilsner Urquell and Budìjovice Budweiser beers, and are a welcome addition to any light lager, pale ale, and even the wit style.


  • Typical Use : Aroma
  • Alpha Acid : 3 to 4.5% AAU
  • Origination : Czech Republic
  • Commercial Examples : Pilsner Urquell and Budìjovice Budweiser
  • Characteristics : Spicy, Noble
  • Styles : Pilsner is the classic style
  • Similar Hops : Sladek is a hybrid of saaz.

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